Tuesday, January 9, 2018


A web series about Maggie's one night stands and 
the cocky sarcastic take on the stereotype of Indian Men that she wakes up with, 
as she discovers her own self.

Friday, January 5, 2018

White Bedsheet | I' M NOT VIRGIN

I'M NOT VIRGIN (White Bed sheet) is eyeopener for all people of conservative society. 
In this modern age women keep standard high & know how take care of situations 
when groom ask about "Are You Virgin?" kind of questions. 
How important is virginity before marriage to people in India? 
Let's make a change! Virginity is not a big deal.

Monday, January 1, 2018

Desi YouTube Rewind 2017 #PeekeMatChala

Was 2017 amazing? Or was it just fuckall? 
We find out in our Desi YouTube Rewind for the year. 
 Don't drink and drive this new year.

Friday, December 29, 2017

Instawolf | Funny Short Horror Film

There's something behind you in your selfie ... 
Try this Insta Filter...
 (WARNING: This gets....STRANGE)

R U VIRGIN ? | A social awareness short film

Why women are always asked the burning Question ???? R U VIRGIN ??? 

 This Short film is based on Women empowerment in the 21st century INDIA. We have portrayed the modern woman as to how she has the guts to reply back to the society at large. She wants to break the male dominance and the orthodox mindset which is still existing in our society amongst most men till 

date. The times have changed and the women of India are ready to face the world BOLDLY. They have proved their power and started to ask very BOLD questions to men. R U ????

Thursday, December 28, 2017


Alex's 16th birthday quickly takes a turn when he begins to discover 
the horror that is brewing under the surface of his family.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Cot | A Short Film

A newly married couple are keen to enjoy the pleasures of sex but their old cot is a squeaker! 
He can't proceed as he imagines the whole world hearing and watching them in the act. 
But he's also scared that his wife believes his 'skills' are deteriorating. 
Our hero realizes that he will have to buy a new cot but can he convince 
his old fashioned 'head-of-the-house' father?

"IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE" | A Social Awareness short film

"In the mood for love" by Rajwati Films,based on the contemporary subject of "Swinging"i.e. "wife swapping" "mixed double" "exchange" "partner swapping". And its rising influence on Indian social classes. 

Just like most of the things in this world, wife swapping also has negative aspects. There are chances of the swapped partners getting emotionally attached with each other, posing great threat to their married life. In such a case, instead of adding ‘spice’ to the married life, wife swap will result in divorce. Then, there are chances of contracting AIDS and other STDs, though most of the couples who indulge in swapping request for an HIV- report. 

All said and done, the concept of wife swapping is now becoming the most accepted alternative to indulging in extra-marital relations. Since both husband and wife indulge in such a relationship, neither of them experiences any guilt. At the same time, they get the liberty to make their life exciting and relieve it of the so-called ‘boredom’ of a married life. However, those who are against it say that it spoils the ‘sanctity’ associated with marriage and degrades the partners.

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