Sunday, February 26, 2017

Anaarkali of Aarah | A Official Trailer

This movie revolves around an erotic singer (Swara) from Aarah in Bihar. Things take an ugly turn when Anaarkali has confrontation with a very powerful man and instead of bowing down she chooses to fight back.

Watch this empowering & entertaining story of Anaarkali in your nearest theatres on 24th March 2017.

Love you tank top
Love you tank top
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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Urvashi Urvashi | Feminist Remix

22 years after it was released, we decided to work on it again to reflect the realities of women. 
There is just one message that we wish to convey with this video... Girl, you're awesome. 
There will be those who will want to keep you subdued. 
But remember, that it's all bullshit. 
#FeministRemix #Urvashi

LONELY GIRL | A Short Film | Riya Sen, Kyra Dutt

Lonely Girl is a psychological thriller revolving around beautiful Radhika Kapoor who wakes up with a faded memory in her outhouse and realizes that she is trapped inside. She's startled to find a mysterious woman Gauri, who tries to convince her that she is her close friend and her husband Arjun is the one who is upto no good. As Radhika begins to get her memory back, she senses that things may not be as they seem and just then we see a dead body in the house! 

Will Radhika realize what has happened? What is Gauri's motive? 
Where is her husband? Whose dead body is in the house? 
Find out when you watch Lonely Girl.

Purple Triangle Pattern Tank Top
Purple Triangle Pattern Tank Top
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Time | A Short Film

A doctor is already done for the day but agrees to meet a new patient 
after persuasion from his assistant. This meeting with the patient turns out 
to be a life fulfilling moment for the doctor?

Do Nothing T-Shirt
Do Nothing T-Shirt
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Friday, February 24, 2017

If Parents Behaved Like Us

What if you get up tomorrow and the generation gap between you and your parents just vanishes? They talk, walk, speak and even act just like you! Would you love it or despise it? 

 Find out what your parents go through everyday when dealing with you!

Ganesha Art
Ganesha Art
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My Block on the Street

Trapped | Official Teaser

A man gets stuck in an empty high rise without food, water or electricity.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Yaari with a Ring | A Short Film

 A tribute to the friends who are always there for you...when you have a heartbreak...
when you need to party...and even when your masterplan backfires.

Here’s to friends. 
Who make life an adventure, at times even a misadventure.

Fit For All | Zivame

Whether it's someone curvy, or someone who is petite; 
whether it's a singer or an athlete #FitForAll

Indi pattern-89 Yellow Leggings
Indi pattern-89 Yellow Leggings
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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

White shirt, a short film starring Kunal Kapoor & Kritika Kamra

An original take on relationships, White shirt is the labor of love for Sumeet Arora. 
And Kritika Kamra​ & kunal kapur's most understated performances till date.

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