Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Long Distance Celebrations || Diwali Qtiyapa

Jeetu cannot go home on Diwali so his dad decides to bring Diwali to Jeetu! 
What happens next??

Monday, October 16, 2017

Dil Buffering | THAT First Love! | Episode 2

Your #PehlaPehlaPyaar is just unforgettable, right? Is Abby’s first love her Mr. Right? 
Tune in to see the #RomanceInProgress on Episode 2 of Dil Buffering

Friday, October 13, 2017

Dil Buffering | It Starts Here! | Episode 1

Excitement! Tingles! And khoob sara dhak dhak! 
Abby is heading for a special surprise date, what is in store for her? 
To find out watch Episode 1 of Dil Buffering #RomanceInProgress 

 About the Show: You got to kiss a lot of frogs to land your prince Charming, 
Abby believes in this logic too, the struggle to find ‘Mr Right’ isn’t easy 
but Abby has all the time in the world!  Dil Buffering is the story of 
Abby who is on a never-ending quest to find love 
But is she looking in the right places? Watch Dil Buffering to find out!

"Kyuki Diwali Sirf Ek Tyohaar Nahi Hai"

Diwali is not just a festival - It is the spirit of love, joy, and affection. 
It is the warm feeling of being together with your friends and family.

Truth or Dare: Husband vs. Wife | feat. Permanent Roommates

Mikesh decides to surprise Tanya with a special Diwali gift,
but the tables turn when they end up playing a game of Truth or Dare!

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Indulge your temptations

The Trouserless Nightmare

Have you ever dreamed that you‘re trouserless? That people can see you, standing there in all your nakedness? And all you want is the world to swallow you up? 

 If so, you’re not alone. It's an extremely common, but humiliating and uncomfortable nightmare. 
 It’s widely considered that these dreams come from a subconscious sense of vulnerability.
 Of being somehow unprotected.

Coco VR | Trailer

Introducing Pixar Animation Studios’ first VR experience with the visual - and storytelling - magic only Pixar could produce. You and your friends will explore the world of Disney 
Pixar's newest film, Coco, in this social VR experience. Coming to Oculus Rift 
November 15 and Gear VR November 22, the day of the film's U.S. release.

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