Sunday, March 29, 2015

This is My Choice

The film brings together 99 women in the city (Mumbai)
from most walks of life voicing their choice for equality,
be it social, political, economic, sexual.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Any women please talk to him

Before he explode!!!

This poor frustrated man. Confused by his sex education – or lack of it -tormented by his hormones and fearful of this thing called womankind, he spends his life , hiding from the objects of his ardour . Will she love him? Will she “do friendships?” will she say yes? And if she does will he die of surprise? Who knows? Meet The Petrified Lamb. Another Great–ish Indian Lover.

The Invisibles Lover

The Great Indian Lover 

You see them but never really do. Banished behind umbrellas, tucked away in hidden corners and lost in their moment these are our love refugees. Hiding from the world but safe in each others company. Here’s to the Invisibles – may love light even the darkest corners.

Aaj Aapka Last Day hai

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

ISO 9001 Certified Love Engineer

The Great Indian Lover

Meet the Love Engineer. His love is an equation. A measure for measure carefully calculated set of observations. He knows what he wants. He’s written it down in black ink in triplicate ,and underlined it- twice. For him, love is pre planned, calculated and comes minus tds: love is business. For pleasure, there’s accountancy.

Mr. Hardcore : The Great Indian Lover


If ever there was a lovechild of Supermacho and Bollywood Excess
This would be him. Mr. Bollywood Extremist. Unable to discern between real life and reel life he plays out his romances on an imaginary stage where he is the hero. Simple sentiments and small gestures of affection are not for this guy. No sir he’s all 70mm: big bike, big car, big bracelet, deep voice and a lifetime spent building his body but probably not his mind. Ordinary men make tattoos, this guy will write your name in blood – and probably spell it wrong. Luckily for him he has two arms and he can try again. And yes of course he would die for you – even though he’s probably never met you. 

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

NS : No Sleep (A Creative Job Application)

The Wake up Call

I was looking for a job and wanted to create and impactful job application that stood out from the rest. I therefore made The No Sleep Wake Up Call, a direct mail containing : No Sleep pills that woke you up. A resume made to look like a doctors medicinal prescription. A business card printed on a pillow with the information on the back.
All hand delivered by a doctor on agency house calls.

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