Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Shape your City

Have you ever felt like changing something in your city but you thought that a small effort wouldn’t count? Heineken believes that even the smallest acts of shaping add up and can inspire others. 
Watch how.

Darr 2.0 | A Webfilm Teaser

Darr, in a contemporary avatar as a five part mini-series, Darr 2.0. 

Darr 2.0 will feature the characters of Rahul, Kiran and Sunil from the original but in an entirely new milieu, weaved in a modern, original tale of obsession and fear in the age of cyber stalking and digital crimes. The series holds a mirror to the perilous environment of online privacy invasion and social media harassment that can take a dangerous and disturbing turn, if unchecked.

To demonstrate the risks of voluntarily releasing too much information on the internet, Y-Films asked its fans, followers & subscribers to send across their happy pictures and moments for its next promo but did not reveal any further information. Hundreds of personal and intimate pictures poured in, and some of those pictures are showcased in the first part of the teaser, the second part of which features an unidentified young man discreetly saving them on his computer. Giving the fans a virtual first hand experience of the safety risk they undertake each time they share their information online. Thus putting the fans at the center of the Darr 2.0 theme that has the tagline: “You have one new follower.”

Monday, August 29, 2016

The Dinner | Short Film

They walked in for dinner. They didn't know their relationship was on the menu... 
 An exploration of our current views on relationships. 
But what if your better half wanted something else...or someone else.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Prego | Award Winning Short Comedy Film

The Unexpected Consequence of a One-Night Stand - Prego, an award-winning 
short comedy film tells the story of Emily (Katie Vincent), a young woman confronting 
a one-night stand (Taso Mikroulis) with the revelation that she's pregnant. 
Things go from bad to worse when Emily discovers that Mark is not an ideal father figure.

"Angle Mort" | A 3D Animated Short Film

Thursday, August 25, 2016


Plot Summary:
A grieving young widow struggles with night jitters 
as she battles her fear that someone or something may be hiding in the dark apartment with her.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Making magic in traffic with a smartphone

You’ve never seen anything like this – 24-year-old Jonas disappears in front of your eyes!

Actresses Priyanka Chopra and Jodie Foster Reinterpret "Toxic" by Britney Spears

Jodie Foster and 'Quantico' actress Priyanka Chopra offer their own interpretations of Britney Spears's "Toxic" — while Foster, stonyfaced, solemnly reads out lines like "You're dangerous / I'm loving it," Chopra responds, singing out, "I'm addicted to you / Don't you know that you're toxic?" See their hilarious renditions of Spears's hit, here.

Men The Real Victims | The Airport Saga

Ashwin & Shalini are going to Bangalore and Shalini finds it extremely difficult to deal with the airline ground staff at the check-in counter. Or is it the ground staff who finds it difficult to deal with Shalini? What ensues between them is hilarious to watch, and not so hilarious to bear, when it comes to poor Ashwin who becomes a human sandwich between the two ladies! 

Watch & laugh!

BARBIE | A short movie

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

I Married a Stranger Short Film | A Short Film

We all have a phase in life where we need to choose our partner which may be a beloved one or a STRANGER. Gauri's Story Starts with a stranger. Story is full of emotions, affection, love, hate. Based on "Domination" this Story has a lot more to tell....!

Before Dying, the only thing you do is #LOOKGOOD

The truth is, life has a mind of its own. And when it makes its own plans to ruin your day, 
there is only one thing that you can do. #LOOKGOOD

Jackky Bhagnani sent his parents away to be with Sunny Leone

Why load yourself with colas when you can have #RappaRap energy

Whenever you hate your mom, you are wrong.

Maa Beti ki sabse aachi dost hoti hai...


I am not leaving ... I am moving...!!

Monday, August 22, 2016

No Offence- When things get (dis)arranged l Episode 1 l Web series

Arranged Marriages- The strongest roots of Indian culture. What if, a guy, who has been rejected three times from girls, tries to break the cliches of Indian Arranged Marriage culture by speaking up the answers which have never been heard? 

Enjoy the first episode of our webseries "NO OFFENCE".
Makers of this movie have no intentions to hurt any gender(just trying to defend our butts), we are just here to "talk about things we never talk".

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Nike: Unlimited Gabby Douglas

“I knew from the day I taught her to cartwheel, she was gonna be something.”

Saturday, August 20, 2016

"Dear Sis..." | Chal Udte Hai | Raksha Bandhan Special

Sahare ki zaroorat nahi hai usse.
Zaroorat hai toh uss dost ki jo uske phisalne par kahe – ‘Get up, you can do it!’.
Jo usse bachaye nahi andhero se, usse ladna sikhaye.
Bas thoda sa push, thodi si encouragement – sirf itna kaafi hai…

Happy Raksha-bandhan

Friday, August 19, 2016

Ranveer Ching Returns | A Rohit Shetty Film

The War For Desi Chinese.
The Ching's audience is a really smart, young and cool one. And instead of boring you with another ‘bhookh lagi hai - khaana do’ ad with moms and kids - we’d rather entertain you! We’re just having some fun - not trying to change the world - this is our max mad tribute to mad max with a Bollywood twist. It’s got all the ingredients of a masaaledaar blockbuster including Gaana, Heroine ko pataana, Villain ko bajaana, mazedaar khaana - all with a Desi Chinese tadka. We hope you like it - we sure had fun making it. If you do, please do like, share, comment & subscribe to our channel. And if you didn't like it then tell someone that you hate to subscribe to our channel. And of course share your feedback so we can try harder next time ;)

How to Speak Australian with Catherine McNeil

Catherine the greatest Australian supermodel of the age, first won a modelling competition in her home city of Brisbane at only 14 and has since travelled all around the world walking shows and shooting campaigns, and taken a couple of years off, and come back to conquer the fashion world once again… 2013 i-D cover and all! There’s no place like home though, so listen carefully as Catherine McNeil teaches us important Australian phrases such as “you little ripper” and “rack off you great galah!” Hooroo!

INTERIOR CAFÉ NIGHT | A Short Romantic Film

Naseeruddin Shah and Shernaz Patel raise the acting stakes in a quaint little cafe. 
 It's a 12-minute short that depicts love, loss and reunion. 
Watch it now.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

What Every Girl Expects From Her Brother | Protect Her Independence

Brothers & sisters fight insanely, love each other like crazy and support each other in best and worst!! Within all the constant arguments and competition, they cannot live without each other. A sister seems to be very demanding when it comes to gifts, but in reality, she desires only one thing- “Her Independence”!! All she wants him to give her is freedom to fly even if the world restricts her within ugly boundaries!

Celebrate Sisterhood

Side by side or miles apart, sisters are always connected by the heart. 

Indian Fusion Version of Adele’s ‘Hello’ | Cover Song

Real Raksha

Often, we think of a brother protecting his sister in this one stereotypical way: 
beating up some random goon who is harassing her. 
But is that really what we need to be thinking of? 
How about going to the root of the problem?

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

MEN-O-PAUSE | Not Tonight, Honey | Hindi Web Series

TBM ORIGINALS Checkout New Hindi Web Series, Men-O-Pause - Episode 03 Not Tonight, Honey. When a man is in the mood, his wife says "Not tonight, honey" and the when the wife is in mood, the man makes it a mess, because men will be men.

MAID IN INDIA Ep01 : Me, Priyanka! | Web Series

Priyanka is no ordinary maid. 
She comes to work in a nano but that’s not the only special thing about her. 
She can send your life up a notch with her quick-wit-tips but beware… 
she can give any ‘malkin’ run for her money.

Ye Khane Ka Samay...



Scottish Ballet dancers Madeline Squire and Javier Andreu discover each other as they explore a labyrinthine derelict Glaswegian swimming pool. A high-energy piece choreographed by Sophie Laplane, with music by British-born, Boston-based electro musician John Xela.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Border Border Ep02 : A Sweet-Chini War | Web Series

Pradeep, an Indian soldier, had bought a mobile phone from his friend and Chin Gum a Chinese soldier from across the border. But when the phone begins to act strange, he can not help but tell the painful truth about China. Watch a different type of firing across the border.

ABNORMAL | A Short Film

This Independence Day Lets Ask This Question , Are We Independent? 
 Abnormal is the Story of a young girl in school, she discovers something about herself which is considered Taboo otherwise. Do watch the Sweet Love Story of Aarohi.

Are we 'Mobile Pe Dependent' or Independent?

One Faith | Independence Day 2016 | A Short Film

Sometimes, all it takes for a melting pot to turn into a blazing furnace is a mere spark. 
Especially in a country like ours, where multiple faiths co-exist and cross paths every day. 
This is the day in the life of India, where two dominant forces face-off 
in a battle of who-blinks-first. And only one faith will triumph. 
 Made for Independence Day, 

Karan Shetty's One Faith takes a harder, closer look at all that divides us. 
And unites.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Aisi Kya Baat hai iss Chaar Diwari wale Ghar mai ?

No Place Like Home - Chaar Diwari

"On The Same Page" | 3D Animated Short Film

Border Border Ep01 : Tidda Chal Raha Hai | Web Series

Pradeep, an Indian soldier on Pakistan border, engages in a war of words 
with his friend Rafeeq, a Pakistani soldier. The casual talks begin 
with a news of another ban in India and takes turns after turns. 
Witness a different type of firing across the Indo-Pak border.

The ad they don't want you to see

Remember when Cindy Crawford, the biggest supermodel in the 90s, 
starred in that steamy Pepsi ad? 

 Now watch the version that Pepsi don't want you to see...

First proposal

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