Thursday, March 21, 2013


India's sex ratio plummeted to an all-time low between 2010-11. McCann World Group in alliance with the Heal Foundation decided to step forward and put a stop to girl child slaughter before and after birth. And so the Kinnar Project was conceptualized.
No child birth in India escapes the keen eye of a Eunuch whose blessing and celebration accompanies every birth and is considered auspicious in India. The project turned the Eunuchs (Kinnars) into brand ambassadors who would knock on every door and make people listen.
The Eunuchs sing and dance at every birth. They were now given songs specially written (by famous Lyricist Prasoon Joshi) and composed to celebrate the girl child. As a pilot, these songs were given out to select Kinnar communities in Mumbai, India. They rehearsed these songs and then went from door to door singing, dancing and encouraging the birth of a girl child. And ensured that no parent could escape the message.

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