Wednesday, July 20, 2016

MEN-O-PAUSE | Woman's Mood Swings | Hindi Web Series

Men-O-Pause, TBM’s web series shows you the other side of womanhood which we often forget to see. The web series is not just about the biological clock and hormonal change. Instead, it turns standard notions of womanhood on their head. The first episode, Mood Swings, is on how a woman sees her own body. No one cares to notice even though she is in an emotional turmoil, dealing with her sexuality and well being. 

 Episode One, Mood Swings, rolls out on full throttle with an awe inspiring woman in charge. As the name suggests, it takes you on the roller coaster of a woman’s moods. She is cool one moment and breathing fire the next. While it is a hapless insurance agent who faces the brunt of her outburst, the woman, who doesn’t have a name in the film, really bares the female self to the whole world.
The web series gets its real punch from well known themes explored from wild angles. The by-line of Men-O-Pause prepares the audience for what is to come – Women, Without a Pause Button.

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